Suncoast Signature Homes

Green-Built Homes

We push the limits of Environmentally Controlled Construction

All of our homes are built as modules in a climate-controlled facility. Suncoast Signature Homes combine custom appeal and attractive design with greater energy efficiency, lower construction waste, faster construction time, and better structural stability. This makes today’s Environmentally controlled construction a better long term investment for home owners. Here are all the advantages to expect from Environmentally Controlled Construction home building:

Flexibility in design and layout

Modules allow for hundreds of options and design possibilities. You can modify or upgrade your general construction specifications, floor plans and elevations, windows, flooring and finishes.

Reduced start to completion building time

Modules are typically built in about 1/3 the time needed to construct a site-built home. This is because overall building time is reduced by concurrent site work being done on your lot at the same time your home is being built. (This also allows for reduced interest on construction financing). In addition, the highly skilled work force has years of experience in the building industry and works year round within the facility. This means that there are no delays from “no-show subs” as may often be the case with a site-built home.

Superior construction

Because the modules are built in controlled facilities, skilled craftsman are able to utilize tools unavailable to the site builder such as custom manufactured jigs which ensure that all walls, floors and ceilings are square and plumb. In addition, all interior walls are lag-bolted to the exterior walls and bracing and insulation are installed on all electrical outlet boxes. Finally, straps brace the wall to the floor.

Superior inspection & regulation standards

Suncoast Signature Homes are:

  • Architecturally designed and engineered by us, to meet the high luxury standards our clients demand
  • Builder drafted and engineered
  • Third party certified to exceed hurricane protection standards for the site we are building

Stringent building codes

Suncoast Signature Homes are built to the same building codes used by conventional site-builders. An independent inspector will certify that the home has been built in conformance with the approved plans and complies with all building code provisions for the location where the home will be erected.

The energy efficiency of environmentally controlled construction

Quality engineering and the latest construction techniques significantly increase the energy-efficiency. More insulation ensures greater energy efficiency and lower air infiltration. The fact that these homes are constructed in a climate controlled facility allows the builder to place more sealants, such as caulking, in problem areas that site builders have no access to. For example, a builder is able to create a better seal around electrical outlet and fixtures because they can access the walls behind, above and underneath these areas (this stops insects from entering your home as well).

Shipping, stability & superior strength of modules

After your home is built, the modules are loaded for transport and shipped to your site location for installation. To deal with the rigors of shipping, each home module is constructed with roughly twenty to thirty percent more material than a traditional stick-built home (for example, drywall is typically glued with a special adhesive and then screwed to the framing). This greatly increases the structural strength of the home as noted in a recent FEMA study on 1992′s Hurricane Andrew. The study concluded, “the module-to-module combination of units appears to have provided an inherently more rigid system that performed much better than conventional residential framing (Building Performance: Hurricane Andrew in Florida, FIA-22, Item 3-0180).

Installation and Setup

After your home arrives to your site location, the plastic shrink wrap used to protect your home during transport is removed and the crane starts placing the modules on the preset pilings the same day to insure no weather damage gets in the units.